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The Caribbean still needs the law lords in London as a final court of appeal—for now
The Caribbean nations, which were formerly British territories, seem determined to shed the last vestiges of the colonial era. The Privy Council, the ......(Continue Reading)

An embrace that shames London: Peter Tatchell, a former Ken Livingstone ally, finds himself accused of Islamophobia as the mayor continues to defend a
The Mayor of London is a man hard to shift--even, it seems, when he can see all the evidence is stacked against him. Ken Livingstone has again defended ......(Continue Reading)

Diary: a foreign firm may be about to take over the London Stock Exchange but its French chief executive still regrets the refurbishment of the Savoy Hotel
As I anxiously watched digital TV at 11.50pm on Saturday--to check how the news channels would cover the Sunday Telegraph's first extract from my book, ......(Continue Reading)

So, what would you burn? When fire swept through an east London warehouse in May, it turned art into ash. Some mourned the losses, but others couldn't
Bonnie Greer Playwright I would set fire to the statue of Queen Vic outside Buck House. It makes the Mall look like a parade ground somewhere in the ......(Continue Reading)

World view: how valuable is a report about Fallujah by a correspondent who's sitting in a studio in London? To find out, read this guide to international
Even intelligent, well-educated people think that I travel by magic carpet. "I saw you in Pakistan," they say, "but then you were in Turkey!" In fact, they didn't see me in Paki...(Continue Reading)

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